На здравје кафе!


History of Coffee

The first records date from Ethiopia. From this history brings in Arab countries , the current territory of Yemen. In Europe arrived by Venetian craftsmen , under strong pressure and criticism from Catholics who believed the devil’s drink , but immediately rejected by the Pope that he greatly liked and to support its use. Taverns coffee are more open in Europe and became a meeting place for intellectuals . Gradually the coffee becomes the official beverage in America . The history of espresso dating from 1822, France, but his most intensive development observed in Italy , where it becomes part of the lifestyle and culture of the inhabitants of the peninsula through the opening bars of over 200,000 . With sales of over 400 miljardi cups of coffee a year , coffee and officially became the best-selling beverage in the world . Enjoying the smell and taste of coffee is a common gesture of many throughout the world , but few know its history , legend and social importance . One tells of a monk from the monastery Chehodet of Yemen, who heard from a shepherd to his goats and camels remained ” alive ” at night dodkolku gave them to eat certain kinds of berries , the same monk berries were used for preparing the drink in order to stay awake and pray longer. The classification system of botanical kingdom , Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus , coffee classify Rubiacee group consisting of 4,500 varieties , including 60 species of the genus Coffe. Of the 60 species of coffee plants , only 25 of them are najkomercijalizirani , of which only the first two have an important role in trade and coffee : Coffee Arabica, Coffee